Top 20 Economies in the world

Top 20 Economies in the world (GDP IMF, UN and Per Capita) 2021

Which are the top booming economies in the world? Economies around the planet are shaken through various stages of the natural cycles. It is interesting to know that these top economies do not quickly emerge...
Top 30 Richest Countries in the World-qatar

Top 30 Richest Countries in the World (2021/2022)

This rating is based on a report by the International Monetary Fund, an intergovernmental organization of the United Nations. In her opinion, the richest countries in the world are the ones with the highest...

Top 10 Insurance Companies in the USA 2021/2022

There are numerous hazards to us all, risk of an injury, disease, natural disasters or fires, and, particularly, loss to life. We all face multiple threats. Not only do these threats include pain and discomfort,...

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