Beaches are an important part of American life. Beach is a home of various kinds of fun either for man or Animal.

It also protects residents living near the ocean by acting as a defense against the high winds and waves of powerful storms.

Pollution at the beach can result in swimmers getting sick or negatively affect the local economy.

Also, overuse by visitors can damage living habitats, Such as beach dunes, and cause marine debris.

The sandy shore of a body of water is pebbly, rugged, or volcanic.

Strand styles differ significantly, depending in particular on the venue.

When most of us find a cove, we see wide open sandy beaches with rolling waves, wind swirling, seagulls flying above, and cove grass and sand dunes behind us.

However, beaches in the United States are also found in urban areas and on lakes and rivers.

Beaches around the globe give millions of people numerous leisure opportunities. Such as swimming, boating, walking, fishing, partying beachcombing, bird-watching, playing, and sunbathing.

Beaches Strands also have a significant economic role. Spending time at an ocean beach is one of the fastest-growing outdoor activities
Here is the list of the top 10 beaches in the world according to my research.

1. Anse Source Dargent Seychelle

Anse Source Dargent Seychelle is one of the most amazing beaches in the world.

The beach shines at the backdrop of massive, time-consuming granite blocks.

An offshore reef provides protection from ocean waves making turquoise an ideal spot for swimming.

2. Polihale Beach, Hawaii United States of America

Polihale Cove, Hawaii, USA is situated on a small desert cove on the west side of Kauai Island.

This small island is in the west area of Hawaii in America and is one of the most accessible beaches to the public.

The park is only miles from Kekaha city, and a slightly marked dirt sugar cane road can only be reached, which is accessible by a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

The beach is several miles long.

3. Camp Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Camp Bay, Cape Town is in South Africa. It’s is one of the most wealthy suburbs of the city Cape Port in South Africa. It is named after a tiny bay on the west coast.

This draws both foreign and local tourists throughout the season.

Camps Bay is in the popular city of Cape Town in South Africa and is one of the major tourist destinations in Atlantic.

There are well-appointed Camps Bay at Cape Town with over 20 restaurants, several globally known, and more than 20 hotels with a traditional South African hotel and stunning views.

The Camps Bay is the perfect location for visiting Cape Town in South Africa’s “Mother Zone,” with several diverse events and attractions at your doorstep.

Camp Bay is a popular wedding spot, and several happy couples have offered each other their vows on Camps Bay Beach.

4. Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Thailand

Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Thailand is the most beautiful sheltered place in Thailand.

It is surrounded by a ring of white sand mangroves and towering limestone walls blanketed by dense foliage.

The main beach within the bay is about 200m long with white sand, colorful core, and expensive fish.

5. Long Beach Vancouver Island Canada

Long Beach Vancouver Island Canada is one of the top 10 amazing beaches in the world.

It’s situated between Tofino (NW) and Ucluelet (SE) at Wickaninnish Bay and is adjacent to the camps and picnic areas.

The beach is regularly facing the open Pacific Ocean, rendering it one of British Columbia’s earliest and most famous enjoyment bases in the world.

Moreover, the larger islands often deliver harmful currents. Unguarded swimming is very risky, access to the beach is minimal when the weather is bad.

6. Baia Do Sancho, Fernanado De Noronho Brazil

Baia Do Sancho is an archipelago of 21 Atlantic ocean islands and overseas territories of about 355km from the Brazilian coast, on the south side of the country 220ML.

The entire area of the archipelago is 18,4 square kilometers (7,1 sq mi) and the total population is estimated at 2718 in 2012.

7. Whitehaven Beach, Queensland Australia

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland Australia is a 7km stretch along Whitsunday Island, Australia which can be accessible by boat, seaplane & helicopter from Airlie Beach.

It lies across from Stockyard Beach. Whitehaven Beach, Queensland Australia is popular for its crystal white silica sands and turquoise-colored waters.

This beach is renowned for its white sand with sparkling silica and turquoise seas.

The Whitehaven Beach, the biggest of Whitsunday’s 74 islands, is a scenic and award-winning beach on Whitsunday Island.

8. Grace Bays, Turks, And Caicos

Grace Bays, Turks, And Caicos were found off the northeast coast of Providence ciales.

Grace Bay is officially rated as the world-leading beach destination by the World Travel Awards and the second world’s best beach by Trip Advisor but stands in the 8th position on this amazing list.

The entire beach is nice, with clear water, white sand, and no debris, seaweed, or waste. The characteristics of Grace Bays are calm and silent.

A mile 1.6km south, the coral barrier defends Grace Bay against the Atlantic ocean swells.

9. Navagio Beach, Zakynthos Greece

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos in Greece is an exposed cove, it made the 9th place on the list of beaches in the world. Sometimes, it is referred to as “Smugglers Cove”, in the Ionian Islands of Greece. Formally Navagio Beach was known as Agios Georgios.

The beach was closed immediately in 2018, and a significant amount of rocks were barred from swimming and boat anchors. After the reef fell over the shore.

The beach was restored and restricted and anchoring is allowed here.

10. Tulum Riviera Maya Mexico

Tulum Riviera Maya Mexico is one of the top 10 beaches is in the world. It features a tourism cental and resort district south of Cancun, Mexico.

It is located in the eastern portion of the Yucatán Peninsula.

The Mayan Coast was originally identified as the “Cancún – Tulum Line,” but it was changed in 1999. With the help of Lic as the Maya Line and Azueta Miguel Ramón Martín.


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