Top 10 Business Schools In The World (2021/2022)

HARVARD UNIVERSITY best business school in the world 2020-2021

Do you wonder which school to choose to start your business career with? Do not stress yourself any further, as this article analyzes 10 top business schools with which you can develop your career.

The rankings you are about to read are based on a number of important sources. The first source is actual college freshmen surveyed during a national survey conducted by UCLA’s Institute of Higher Education Studies.

These students valued academic reputation, offering financial assistance, overall school cost, and the survey also considered graduate success rates on the post-college job market.

10 Best Business Schools in the World 2020/2021

Such variables were weighed in equal measure along with data from other publicly available sources, including the United States. News & World Report, National Center for Information on Employment, and


Harvard University was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States in 1636. It is the country’s oldest tertiary education institution, a private research university.

Attending for American students is best known as the flagship university and boasts the world’s largest institutional library system, consisting of nearly 80 libraries and over 18 million books.

Athletic rivalries dominate student life at Harvard particularly with Yale. The schools meet each year in early autumn for their annual match which is simply called The Game. Many sports include the rowing teams from the school that compete against Yale in the Harvard-Yale Regatta, an Americanized version of the Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race in England.

Harvard Business School is one of the university’s most visited schools. According to the school’s mission statement, it is here that leaders are made.

The fact is not far from the truth — the ethics and morals behind the business and the changing climate are taught to students, and they are expected to learn how to identify business solutions to problems by the time they graduate.

HBS is America’s most famous business school and students apply to be picked in droves to become part of the elite group of students studying here. Graduates are also the most eligible for jobs, and are typically hired into new positions before graduation.

For The Economist and The Financial Times, it’s no wonder that HBS is a top business school choice.


The University of California in Berkeley, California, USA is a flagship public research university. It is one of the world’s most widely respected National Universities.

Additionally, he is part-manager of three U.S. Department of Energy Laboratories, an arrangement that helps improve research activity among students.

Berkeley, California, is an independent urban center on the southern tip of San Francisco Bay, the town holds annual festivals for visitors and locals alike from spring through early autumn.

Students spend much of their time outdoors due to the festivals, but there is also increasing appreciation for the parks and hiking trails in the area, making it a healthy destination for students with an eco mind.

Berkeley is home to the second-oldest such institution in the United States, Haas School of Business. It has two Nobel Prize winners in Economics among its employees, and focuses on educating their students through critical thinking experiences and partnerships with businesses in the San Francisco Bay area.

Courses are designed to help students work together, as much as they would in a business environment, and provide much-needed business simulations to shape them into the next great business leaders.


The University of Pennsylvania is seated at the heart of Philadelphia. Pennsylvania, the University of Pennsylvania is a private university in the Ivy League area.

It was founded by none other than Benjamin Franklin and was one of the nine colleges of origin. It is best known for following a multidisciplinary model and inaugurating America’s first medical school.

Known to students and faculty as Penn, the University of Pennsylvania is home to over 100 student groups and clubs that cover every interest.

Students from all fields of career can find a club that suits their interests, from literary societies such as the Philomathean Society to religious clubs such as The Christian Association.

Students interested in sports will find competitive rowing, rugby, cricket, and more at both the intramural and college levels.

Both the Ivy League and the NCAA Division 1 conferences are attended by the varsity sports teams, the Quakers, with the football and basketball teams winning the league champions titles in all sports.

The Penn Wharton School of Business is still in the top ten lists for business schools. This can be due to the tremendous encouragement and help provided by the school to students in any business-related activity they pursue, from developing their own start-up to consulting as part of an independent project on various case studies.

And with Wharton satellite campuses around the country and internationally, students will take their studies abroad, providing them with the knowledge and expertise required to become global business leaders and executives.


It is rated as one of the foremost universities in the world, the prolific academic institution is in Stanford, California, USA. It is a private research university known for having founders of Google, Nike, Instagram, Snapchat, and more as well as sixty Nobel laureates and hundreds of current and former members of Congress among their alumni.

Stanford students may take part in the lively campus life, either by being members of clubs, enrolling in community service activities or by joining in on the festivities of Stanford such as the Viennese Ball and the Mausoleum Ball, the annual Halloween party of the university.

You will also find religious services of various religions on campus, offering students the opportunity to interact through a common fellowship.

The Stanford Business School is an outstanding school concentrating on training as well as general education. Alongside the masters and doctorate degrees, this graduate school has certificate options, allowing the opportunity to learn from experts and work professionals who want additional education but not necessarily another degree.

The Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Credential, a program that helps entrepreneurs realize their dreams in as little as a year, is the chief among the famous programmes.


HEC Management School, more commonly known as HEC Paris, is a European Graduate School of Business. It is based in Paris, France and has the distinction of being host to some of the European Union’s best MBA programmes.

It holds EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB Regional triple-crown accreditation.

Students at HEC Paris have the whole city of Paris at their disposal. HEC students should take a moment from their studies to visit any number of cultural attractions that might catch their eye, from fine dining to street festivals to the opera and more.

Even the smallest streets and alleyways only waiting to be discovered have architectural wonders.

When students have finished exploring Paris, they return to the school for research. When it comes to graduation, HEC Paris has the widest range of possibilities.

This selective business school provides its students with every opportunity to find a way to earn their degree, from summer school to part-time study to one-year programmes.


Northwestern University was founded in 1851 and is a private research university located in Evanston, Illinois, USA. It also has satellite campuses operating in San Francisco, California, and Doha, Qatar.

It is best known for being in the top 10 when it comes to university endowments, with students and faculty earning more than $550 million per year to perform funded work.

Due to the proximity of the school to Chicago, Illinois, which is only 12 miles away, students prefer to divide their time between the campus and the area. However, many students consider campus life too good to pass on — traditions are highly regarded at the school, and there are activities and parties every year for which the entire student body is turning up.

Public service is a big part of Northwestern life as well. Students are encouraged to take part in “alternative spring break” journeys, which are student-led community service journeys around the U.S., offering volunteer services to organizations in need.

Students are also taking part in the Global Education Summer School, a collaboration program with the Sustainable Development Foundation that sees student groups go on service-learning expeditions in Africa, Asia or Latin America.

Although not loving the campus life, business students at the Kellogg School of Management return to their studies. This is among the best MBA programs in the United States.

The two-year MBA program allows students to completely immerse themselves in industry and pursue an interdisciplinary curriculum while gaining the requisite management skills that they will need once they join the workforce.


The School of the Business University of Chicago is the place for the leaders who want to change the world.

At Chicago Booth, you have the opportunity to pursue your intellectual curiosity through a collaborative peer group, learning from the leading faculty of business schools in the world.

By expanding your critical thinking and sharpening your problem-solving skills, you can learn how to put bold ideas to life. You’ll be joining a global group dedicated to promoting your progress.


Columbia Business School (CBS) is the business school of the University of Columbia, New York City, Manhattan.

Columbia Business School was founded in 1916 and is one of the world’s oldest business schools. It is one of six commercial schools in the Ivy League. It has a workforce of 136 academics and 1,433 postgraduates.


The Los Angeles University of California, known as UCLA, is a public academic university in Los Angeles, California. It is an internationally rated university that remains in the top 20 of any list in which it is listed, making it an attractive school for both beginner and beginner level students.

This university is selective, only accepting 17 percent of applicant applicants, and remains one of America’s most successful colleges.

Los Angeles is the center of the West Coast movies. Students studying at UCLA would have access to the beach, Hollywood, studio tours, live shows on the Sunset Strip and a large district of the arts.

Students can find that this city can offer a wide range of activities including hiking trails, time spent at the Observatory and day trips to Disneyland, San Diego, and more.

The Anderson School of Management awaits you when students are ready to go to college. This is UCLA’s graduate business school and is host to the special Asia Pacific Global EMBA.

This degree emphasizes the business education of a student in the Asia Pacific region and includes research and work abroad for graduation.


The University of Queensland is more of a public research university on Australian sandstone. It can be found in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

It is ranked globally as a top university and the main campus of the school in St. Lucia is ranked separately as one of the world’s most beautiful campuses.

Known affectionately as UQ, this university is a founding charter member of EdX, an online higher education partnership founded by Harvard and MIT.

It is also a hub for groundbreaking medical research, where this world-renowned faculty and staff sponsored important developments — such as a discovery of cervical cancer vaccines.

UQ has many campuses across Queensland but its main campus is situated in Brisbane’s St. Lucia neighborhood. This campus is linked to diverse museums and galleries in and around the Brisbane area, where students can enjoy a variety of cultural activities.

Nearby is the beach, where a lot of students take time to swim and relax between tests and assignments from their study schedules.

The UQ Business School holds diplomas for business students at all levels of study but is best known for housing one of Asia Pacific’s largest MBA programs.

The MBA program pairs students with real-life business ventures and consumers to train them for the changing global business environment. It, in effect, creates adaptable students, who can evolve with their industry.


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