Top 10 Reasons Why Men Cheat


Cheating is a common occurrence in relationships, as much as we hope it isn’t the case, it is the cold truth. According to some psychologists, men are more likely to cheat than women are; and, that is why we’re focusing on the men today.

There are a lot of various different reasons why men cheat because relationships arfe very complex. However, the issues that cause cheating are either a problem with the relationship or a problem with the individual as the case may be.

Here are just a few of the possible causes of men cheating:

1. Adrenaline Rush
There are some people that cheat simply because it’s against the rules to do so, they may just like the fact that it’s off-limits. One reason people have affairs is that the forbidden essence of adultery gives them a high. It feels good because it is wrong.

2. Second Adolescence
There is something that some men go through that is called a ‘second adolescence’, this when the man starts to parentify his partner and starts making out his partner as his ‘mum. Some men cheat as a result of this; they sneak around behind their backs and rebel against the rules of the partnership. These men are looking for seperation but still want someone to be at home to make them feel secure.

3. Narcissistic Qualities
For some people, they have an issue with empathy. It is believed that anyone who cheats has narcissistic tendencies (for both men and women). They’re only thinking about themselves not about the people their behaviour may impact either their partner, children or the person they’re cheating with.

4. Communication Breakdown
If someone cheats, it’s often because some needs aren’t being met in the relationship. That can be physical sexual needs but it often refers to emotional needs that are not being addressed. If someone thinks that their partner is no longer involved in their emotional needs or what happens to them on a daily basis, they can try to find someone more interested and enthusiastic about them.

However, you’re not expected to be a mind reader, he’s expected to communicate how he is feeling. He should express his needs and desires to you, if this is difficult for him as it is for most men, it may be time he starts exploring why that is with the help of a therapist.

5. Insecure
Some men may simply be feeling insecure and cheat as a way to puff up their self esteem. Many men may begin to feel old, worrying that life and adventure are behind them. That’s why they want a woman who makes them feel young and like they’re back in their youth.

6. Monogamy isn’t for him
There are truly some people who aren’t made for monogamous relationships or are simply not ready. If your cheating partner claims that they were not born to be with one person, it’s very possible that they are not ready or willing to be with one person.

Some people truly are not cut out for monogamy. You can explore the possibility of an open relationship but that is also built on trust and honesty and cheating is not along those lines.

You can only do what you feel, whether to forgive a cheating partner or to have a open relationship or to end things. Don’t feel pressured because of something that someone else did. Do only things that help how you feel.


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