Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World in 2021/2022

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the World in 2020

Wages differs greatly from one country to another, and even within the same country, but some jobs are paid so much that it will be enough for a comfortable life and a secure old age.To find the highest paid professions in the world, we compared average wages in the US, UK, Germany and Canada using statistics, Career Profiles data and other sources.

10. Air traffic controller | Highest salary: $155,000

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) handles employment issues for such experts in the United States. Air traffic controllers are responsible for the safe operation of private and commercial airlines.First of all, the responsibility lies in coordinating the movement of aircraft in airspace (all aircraft are required to be from each other at a safe distance). As a rule, the team of air traffic controllers works together and coordinates the take-off and landing of aircraft, the delivery of buses to the exits at the airport, and communication with pilots and warning of bad weather conditions.In order to take up a career as an air traffic controller, you must enroll in a special program approved by the FAA and pass all the checks. Exceptions can only be made for those who already have experience in aviation or military fields. As a rule, you need 4 years of study, three years of work experience and your application for an exam.If you are chosen and you have successfully passed the exam, a 12-week training will follow, which will result in you being a specialty as a route developer. And only after 2-4 years of work in this specialty, you will get the profession of air traffic controller.However, as information technology develops, the demand for air traffic controllers is falling. Therefore, it would be wiser to consider one of the professions that will be in demand after 2020. Or choose one of the most unusual professions inthe world, if you like originality and creativity.

9. Chief Engineer | Highest salary: $190,000

Chief engineers have a wide range of responsibilities, and a great responsibility, which explains the high pay of their labor. People with higher education, whose work experience is from 5 years or more, are taken to this position.The highest salaries of the chief engineers from Canada. There they are paid about 190,000 dollars. In the United States, the work of representatives of this profession is estimated at 156,000 dollars annually, and in Germany and England – in 176,000 and 136,000 dollars, respectively.

8. Corporate lawyer | Highest annual salary: $195,000

Corporate lawyers work as full-time attorneys for a company. They coordinate relationships with contracted law firms, advise business leaders on the legal implications of business practices, review commercial agreements and contracts, and monitor compliance with industry standards.In the U.S., a good corporate lawyer can achieve an annual salary of 195,000 dollars, in Germany he will receive up to 190,000 dollars, and in the UK – about 160,000 dollars.The highest paid corporate lawyers in Canada can boast an annual salary of $130,000.

7. Psychiatrist | Highest salary: $216,000

Foreign psychiatrists are paid very well to keep people in “sound mind and sober memory”. This is the best and highest paid hourly work. On average, a psychiatrist in the United States receives $85.35 per hour of work.According to the forecasts of the American edition of Career Profiles, the demand for psychiatrists in the near future will remain very high. Psychiatrists specializing in geriatrics, children and other sub-specialists will be more in demand than universals.And we fully agree with this, because although the science of studying mental disorders arose much later than the disorders themselves, it will disappear only together with humanity.

6. Orthodontist | Highest salary: $327,000

Perhaps being an orthodontist in Europe and the United States is a little less prestigious than a neurosurgeon or anesthesiologist, but the low salaries of the profession do not complain.However, the time of training to perform such a complex work is 7 years or more,

5. Neurosurgeons and general practitioners | Highest salary: $396,000

Working with the complications of the human brain is not so easy, so neurosurgeons are worth every cent they get. Their colleagues, general surgeons, also do not complain about low salaries.But together with respect and big money, they deal with the stress of saving lives every day, because if a neurosurgeon or surgeon makes even a small mistake, he can kill the patient or leave him disabled for life.This is the ideal thing man who has chosen his path of medicine in the United States:

  1. four years of study at the university with a “pre-med” slope;
  2. 3 years of medical school;
  3. 3 to 7 years of residency, which borders on the specialization chosen.

There is also MD/PhD – that is, additional study in graduate school for up to 5 years, but it is chosen by a few doctors who want to thoroughly understand all the intricacies of the profession.Even general surgery and minor operations require additional formal training and years of experience. Naturally, to start a long and thorny way up, you are rather and bachelor’s degree, although it is preferable to choose biology or other science, as it is possible to get general knowledge for admission to medical school.Despite the fact that the profession of surgeon is one of the highest paid professions in the world, everything is not so simple and not cheap. More than 80 per cent of medical school graduates have tuition arrears.

4. Anesthesiologist | Highest annual salary: $410,000

Doctors who invent anesthetics before, during, or after surgery, or other medical procedures, earn more than their esculape counterparts. Thanks to anesthesiologists, people do not experience pain during the surgery and safely get out of anesthesia. By the way, anesthesiologists also know pain relief during childbirth.In the United States, an anesthesiologist can earn more than $410,000 a year. In the UK, an anesthesiologist’s salary can be up to $275,000, and in Germany, it can be up to $300,000. The cost of an anesthesiologist in Canada is $300,000 a year.Curiously, doctors in the U.S. are often granted privileges such as a place to park near work, free meals, and various insurance, including protection from lawsuits against patients.In Russia, anesthesiologists are paid, on average, 540,000 rubles a year or 45,000 per month. And about such salaries and privileges, as in foreign colleagues, they can only dream.

3. Captain of the aircraft | Highest salary: $452,000

If you like to travel, then to become a pilot, and in the future and the captain of an airplane – it is the best job in the world. It will allow you to move from one place to another and receive a high fee for it. Not to mention the fact that piloting an aircraft is a prestigious and highly respected occupation.Such high salaries are a consequence of the highest qualifications and a very large physical and moral burden, which falls on the shoulders of the commanders of aircraft. After all, they are responsible for the lives of hundreds of people during each flight. And many flights take place at night and last five hours or more.In addition to high salaries, American pilots have a number of privileges. For example, free flights on any airline in the U.S. and with big discounts – on the planes of many foreign airlines. The same discounts, which reach 90% of the ticket price, give the family of pilots (wives, children, parents).

2. CEO | Highest salary: $430,000 or more

The people responsible for defining or formulating company policies are referred to as the chief officials of the public or private sector organization.It is they who coordinate, plan, and direct the company’s activities at the highest level. And given the weight of the work they do to keep their company afloat, CEOs deserve the pay they get.Of course, their income can vary greatly, depending on the business, but in general quite generous.

1. Bank Director | Highest salary: $20 million

That’s the answer to the question of which profession is the highest-paid. Being a director is good, and a banker is better. And it is best to be a director of a bank in the United States, because in this position you can earn on average 2.1 times more than you pay incomparable financial companies in Europe.According to a study conducted by the Financial Times and the consulting company Equilar, four directors of the bank in the United States in 2016 received 20 million dollars each. And the maximum salary of the head of the European bank was 14 million. Dollars.One possible explanation for such a large wage gap is the higher profitability of American banks.


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